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Things To Do In The Lake Cumberland Area
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    Posted: October 5, 2015

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Post written by Anne Hulton

There are plenty of reasons why people come to Kentucky. Bourbon lovers are in seventh heaven here, the Kentucky Derby draws a set with a certain style, and fried chicken aficionados have been known to make pilgrimages to this hallowed state. However, plenty of people come to Kentucky for simpler reasons. Kentucky is a beautiful state, brimful not only with the charms of nature, but with charming, friendly people, a laid-back way of life, and plentiful attractions to suit every member of the family. Few places exemplify the beautiful, charming, amiable ethos of Kentucky better than Lake Cumberland and its surrounds. If you’re wondering how you’ll occupy your time while you’re staying at the Lost Lodge, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Enjoy The Lake

They say that humans love diamonds and sparkling things because they remind us of water. Way back in our evolutionary past, we needed to seek out water regularly if we wanted to survive – and the glint of sunlight on water (or anything resembling it) is therefore primed to make our spirits lift. Well, Lake Cumberland is one giant ‘jewel’ which will fill you with a happy serenity just by being there. Plenty of people will be able to fulfil their fun quota for the day simply by wandering along by the shore or gazing out over the beautiful, beautiful waters. However, if you prefer something a little more involving, then it’s worth noting that Lake Cumberland was this year voted the fourth best recreational lake in the United States. There’s a very good reason for this. Not only is Lake Cumberland absolutely stunning, but it has plenty to offer the vacationer. If fishing’s your thing then you can rent a boat and head out to catch crappie, bream, walleye, trout, catfish, spoonbill and an huge variety of bass. You can also swim, boat, or – if your travel insurer will let you! – engage in some adrenaline-fuelled water sports.

Head For The Woods

Those who feel the call of the wild can head out to the Daniel Boone national forest. Named for the folk hero and American frontiersman Daniel Boone, this forest preserves the kind of stunning wilderness that would have confronted and awed our early pioneering ancestors. The geology of the area is incredible. One of the world’s greatest accumulations of natural caves can be found within the forest, as can various stunning rock formations. The views and general natural beauty of the place has to be seen to be believed – no photographer could ever take a bad photo of this forest, as nature has already done nine tenths of the work! The natural arch bridge is well worth a look, and those who love a panorama will appreciate the efforts that have been made to provide easy access to many prominent vista-points. Most people will find plenty of enjoyment simply hiking the many trails of the forest – but some may prefer to engage in geocaching, or caving, or go on a guided nature tour. Horseback riding is also available, as is climbing, and hunting should you feel so inclined.

Kentucky Culture

Of course, it’s not all just about the beauties of nature here – although we have to admit that nature does play a pretty big part in what makes this area so special! We do have more human-based attractions available. One can play golf by the shores of Lake Cumberland, or head to the shops in Burnside. We do, if we say so ourselves, offer a pretty good shopping experience. You can also get nostalgic with an old-style drive-in theater, or head to Cole Community Park to play tennis, baseball, basketball, horseshoes, and many other games. If the kids aren’t happy with what the lake has to offer, you can take them to the Somersplash Water Park, which offers 20 acres of water-based rides and pools. It alslo adjoins to a skatepark, if one of your party prefers to have their adventures on dry land. At the end of the day, the area has an enormous variety of eateries offering a fantastic range of cuisine. And it all comes with that laid-back, friendly Kentucky attitude which adds the je ne sais quoi to every Kentucky vacation experience!